White High Gloss Bed With Storage & Two Side Tables

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Brand: Gallery-99
Product Code: KB-1
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Think you're dreaming? Guess again. Comfort, affordability and trendy good looks all in one package is a reality with our white high gloss king sized bed. Tufted leatherite headboard with swarovski beats wing and make a bold statement at a discount price. Our products are delivered with several packing to ensure more than what customers expect to get.

Product Specification

Manufactured By
TFC (The Furniture Crafts)
W 76.50" / D 79.50" / H 54.02" (In Inches) 
White (High Gloss) 
Sidetable Size
Fabric leatherite/MDF/ wood/ high grade commercial board/plywood
                                                                             W 18" / D 18" / H 13" (In Inches)






















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